wtorek, 19 lutego 2013

Been better when the Sky was red...

My heart made of moonstone is slowly turning into dust.

"I've been better, when the sky was red
And a face like yours couldn't make me scared
I've been better, with the things I've said
When I took the lead instead of being led"

Physical exercises aren't helping anymore. Pain of soul screams much louder than pain of body.
I don't feel like doing anything anymore. Only sitting under the blanket and eating tons of chocolate satisfies me... I am such a lazy creature .^.

Despite my bad mood I managed to tidy my clothes and wardrobe. It was loong and unexpected journey into other dimension, Narnia or something... Took me 3 days. How exhausting it can be! Selecting every piece of clothing, leaving only pieces that I will wear for sure and putting the rest aside. To sum up, my wardrobe is almost empty now.
Shopping time?
Seems like it.

I really need to get a headband with roses and silver studs!  D:

On Sunday I had a great opportunity to take part in a spooky meeting. I knew most of the girls from the forum spookyfashion.pl, but it was my first time seeing them in real life. I really enjoyed it! My eyes were fed with views of beautiful women during teaparty (and I couldn't help myself from buying tea with delicious peach cake ♥). Cannot wait till next meeting :)

All of us were wearing black clothes (what a coincidence! :P ).

 Because of the Cat Day... we just HAD to do this :3

And here goes my outfit. I had a bad-hair-and-everything-else-day,  so I simply took first things I saw when I opened my wardrobe. In my opinion a print on Punk Rave trousers matches the corset quite well ^^"
tank top- no name, secondhand corset - Papercats, Papercats.pl trousers - Punk Rave, Evildolls.pl shoes - Deichmann earrings - Glitter leather bracelets with studs - Booman/gift necklace - gift from Iza

 Small zoom on the details. Yet again I must say that I have no jevelry at all .__. Fortunately, I found a leather twine, so I could wear my favourite dragon necklace.

"And the cars streak past with a life inside
Why is my life in your eyes?
And the windows glow with the hearts they've known

Why is my heart never mine?"

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  1. Mega, mega, mega<3 W tej wersji zawsze będziesz mnie zachwycać <3 i koleżanki też ;)

  2. Że Ty kobieto nie zamarzłaś! Ładnie wyglądałaś :)