wtorek, 19 lutego 2013

Been better when the Sky was red...

My heart made of moonstone is slowly turning into dust.

"I've been better, when the sky was red
And a face like yours couldn't make me scared
I've been better, with the things I've said
When I took the lead instead of being led"

Physical exercises aren't helping anymore. Pain of soul screams much louder than pain of body.
I don't feel like doing anything anymore. Only sitting under the blanket and eating tons of chocolate satisfies me... I am such a lazy creature .^.

Despite my bad mood I managed to tidy my clothes and wardrobe. It was loong and unexpected journey into other dimension, Narnia or something... Took me 3 days. How exhausting it can be! Selecting every piece of clothing, leaving only pieces that I will wear for sure and putting the rest aside. To sum up, my wardrobe is almost empty now.
Shopping time?
Seems like it.

I really need to get a headband with roses and silver studs!  D:

On Sunday I had a great opportunity to take part in a spooky meeting. I knew most of the girls from the forum spookyfashion.pl, but it was my first time seeing them in real life. I really enjoyed it! My eyes were fed with views of beautiful women during teaparty (and I couldn't help myself from buying tea with delicious peach cake ♥). Cannot wait till next meeting :)

All of us were wearing black clothes (what a coincidence! :P ).

 Because of the Cat Day... we just HAD to do this :3

And here goes my outfit. I had a bad-hair-and-everything-else-day,  so I simply took first things I saw when I opened my wardrobe. In my opinion a print on Punk Rave trousers matches the corset quite well ^^"
tank top- no name, secondhand corset - Papercats, Papercats.pl trousers - Punk Rave, Evildolls.pl shoes - Deichmann earrings - Glitter leather bracelets with studs - Booman/gift necklace - gift from Iza

 Small zoom on the details. Yet again I must say that I have no jevelry at all .__. Fortunately, I found a leather twine, so I could wear my favourite dragon necklace.

"And the cars streak past with a life inside
Why is my life in your eyes?
And the windows glow with the hearts they've known

Why is my heart never mine?"

piątek, 1 lutego 2013

I'm bleeding out.

"I'm bleeding out
If the last thing that I do is bring it down
I'll bleed out for you"

This is the song that I could listen to over and over again.
In fact, that's what I do. Amazing, when a newly-find song shows exactly how you feel right now.

Hmm... that's an unexpected turn of events. My mother said to me today that she can lend me money, so I can go where I want to go at any moment. I am still shocked, but also happy. 
Now it's time to decide. 
Time to know what I want from myself.

"Oh you tell me to hold on
Oh you tell me to hold on
But innocence is gone
And what was right is wrong"

Black simplicity. Quick, comfy, different.
I trully love this blouse! Very warm (disadvantage during summer, *sniff*), with awesome long sleeves. Looks good with simple black trousers. However, I consider buying dark red jeans. The colour will match with the print.
I definitely need to buy new jewelry.

Ah, so much impatience hides inside my heart... I cannot wait until I will hold my new Punk Rave trousers in my hands. I've also bought new BB cream, this time from SkinFood "Good Afternoon" series. 

blouse- Punk Rave, Evildolls.pl skin trousers - New Yorker earrings - handmade

Monotonność moich dni jest bardzo przyjemna. Trening, czytanie książki, trening, sen... Parkour ratuje mnie przed szaleństwem.

Powyższy outfit powstał szybko. Nie zastanawiałam się nad detalami, z resztą bluzka z Punk Rave jest tak strojna, że ciężko mi cokolwiek do niej dobrać. Zdecydowanie potrzebuję jakiejś nowej biżuterii w klimacie.
Założyłam także proste spodnie ze sztucznej skóry i takie połączenie bardzo przypadło mi do gustu.