czwartek, 11 kwietnia 2013

In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled.

“When you love someone, truly love them, you lay your heart open to them. You give them a part of yourself that you give to no one else, and you let them inside a part of you that only they can hurt-you literally hand them the razor with a map of where to cut deepest and most painfully on your heart and soul. And when they do strike, it’s crippling-like having your heart carved out.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon

Wise words.

My fate is really annoying. Yes, it means only one thing: I was ill again. This time my fault, but I don't regret it at all!! Two weeks ago I went to Poznań and took part in a parkour gathering named "Hello Spring", which was totally worth it :3 Here you can find the note I wrote about this event (it's in polish, though): CLICK

Even though I have a lot of free time, I can't force myself to create new posts here. Mostly because when I go out, I go on a training. So no make up, no outfits but regular comfy training clothes. And I don't really care as long as I feel good and warm.
But since last Wednesday I've been having an excellent occassion for me to dig out some better pieces from the depths of my wardrobe. I just couldn't say no when a friend of mine had asked me if I want to stay at her place for 2 weeks!

On Sunday we were invited to a photoshoot to the park Cytadela. Really nice time it was, I enjoyed it very much! Mother Nature decided to stop fooling around and gave us (finally) a normal spring weather.

I hadn't had much time to create an outfit, that's why I've chosen clothes that are well-matched together (at least in my opinion).

blouse- Punk Rave, trousers - Punk Rave, shoes - Deichmann hat - borrowed from my friend dragon necklace - gift

I need more frozen strawberries.
They are soo delicious... Especially with Somersby! Mmmm.

I fell in love with this hat! I borrowed it from my friend, so I have to buy one after I go back home.

Dzięki miłemu zrządzeniu losu spakowałam swój dobytek w walizkę i wyjechałam na 2 tygodnie do znajomych do Poznania. Spokój, ludzie i oderwanie się od ponurych myśli to coś, czego długo poszukiwałam.

W niedzielę miałam świetną okazję, mianowicie wraz z Ewą i Niną wybrałam się do pięknego parku Cytadela na sesję zdjęciową. Nie mając czasu do obmyślania zestawu wybrałam ubrania już wcześniej przeze mnie zestawione, dodałam tylko kapelusz znajomego, który bardzo mi się spodobał. Po powrocie do Łodzi muszę sprawić sobie coś w tym guście.

Zapraszam też serdecznie na, gdzie umieszczony został artykuł mojego autorstwa dotyczący olejowania włosów!